Operational Plan for Transportation


EET will provide the complete management, nationwide, of all activities associated with ongoing transportation of recycled and disposal waste. EET will co-ordinate and monitor all scheduled pick-ups and assure professional service in a timely manner. EET will document and track all movement and disposal of the manifests and bill of ladings providing copies of legal documentation to your company. EET has hands on experience and a working knowledge of what is expected by generators and labor vendors pertaining to waste shipments.

Pick-Up and Transportation

For the disposal of your waste EET will utilize the services of DOT approved transporters. The transporter, under the direction of EET, will go to your site and remove all wastes and deliver them to the proper processing facilities. They view themselves as a hazardous and universal waste materials specialist, and offer complete services in this field. With EPA permits in states that require such, EET responds in compliance with all regulations to all transportation needs and requirements.




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