Transformer Recycling and Transformer Disposal Capabilities Statement

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. has a strategic alliance with transformer recycling and disposal companies nationwide. Operational capabilities for handling PCB contaminated materials from levels greater than 1 ppm and exceeding 500 ppm include the following: (1) total electrical equipment and oil tank disposal, (2) complete PCB disposal services, (3) PCB analysis, (4) full transportation services and (5) oil storage and disposal. Our operational facilities enable us to clean and process transformers and all metals contaminated with PCBs in each EPA classification.

Many companies today are vulnerable to potentially high tangible and intangible costs which can result from the utilization of outmoded methods to dispose of electrical equipment and wastes. EET’s commitment to protect our communities from dangerous pollutants is one which is not taken lightly. It is, therefore, our guarantee that when a company chooses our environmentally engineered services to handle its disposal needs, the “cradle-to-grave” liability is never compromised.

Eastern Environmental works only with companies that care about our environment and have developed a specialized technology in the disassembly and disposal of transformers and other oil filled electrical equipment. EET offers the marketplace a turnkey service including sampling, testing, pumping, transportation and disposal of PCB products.

Eastern Environmental also has the capabilities to provide project management for cost effective, environmentally safe and lawful disposal of PCB and Non-PCB contaminated transformers. Disposal of all PCB material will be in full compliance with Federal Register 40 CFR 761.60 requirements and updated state laws.

Federal regulations require a Generator/Owner to obtain, if they do not have, and EPA Identification Number for disposal of PCB materials. EET can assist the Owner/Generator to secure this ID number.

Based on site and equipment specific circumstances, transformers will be shipped either full or empty to the appropriate disposal site(s). Only EPA permitted facilities and approved DOT transportation equipment with secondary containment will be utilized. Waste transporters (non-hazardous and/or hazardous) will be fully insured for pollution liability and/or general automobile liability coverage. All vehicles utilized maintain all federal, state and local permits for transporting hazardous and/or non-hazardous waste. Drivers and personnel are trained in the handling of oil filled electrical equipment and in all pertinent regulations related to the DOT approved transportation of such items.

Disposal of PCB contaminated oil may be via chemical detoxification or via incineration. Transformer disposal is preceded by dismantling of the equipment and the separation of cleanable and recyclable components. Metallic components are solvent cleaned to levels specified by the EPA until regarded as “Non-PCB” to enable recycling into commerce.

Owners/Generators should note that while drained transformer carcasses less than 500 ppm PCB may not be regulated, handling and disposal of all fluids greater than 50 ppm are regulated.

Disposal and destruction of PCBs, either in the original fluid or in residual fluids from the metal decontamination process is confirmed to the Owner/Generator by Certificate of Destruction.

Through the strategic alliance arrangement Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. has created, we are able to offer a combination of recycling and total destruction for all EPA categories of transformers. This network provides our customers with the safest, most economical options in the disposal of PCB and Non-PCB electrical equipment.

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