Chemical Waste Disposal

Chemical and Waste Management Process:

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. is a leading provider of chemical waste disposal and environmental waste management services. We always understand every job is unique and take great care to understand your company’s chemical waste disposal needs and use our expertise to provide the best suited plans and service.

Using one single source for your environmental and waste management needs saves money and delivers improved operating efficiencies by reducing the burden of managing multiple vendors.

Our Lab Packing services include identifying unknowns, packing in accordance with D.O.T. regulations and transporting to an approved disposal facility. Our OSHA, RCRA and DOT trained personnel are extremely capable and are able to handle all phases of your disposal needs.

In the current era of concern for protection of the environment, as well as increased regulations and sophistication in waste material, Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. remains dedicated to its policy of providing efficient, economical and environmentally correct solutions to the hazardous waste management of your company’s waste.

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. will careful develop a plan the best suits your company’s Chemical Waste Disposal needs, so contact us to start to set up a program for you today!




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