Eastern Environmental Technologies, A Leader in Waste Disposal

About Us:

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. (EET) is a recycling company serving the environmental needs of a geographically dispersed client base. Our longevity in the industry is based on our company’s ability to manage large volume, multi-location projects with competent service and accurate documentation.

Now that we have entered the new millennium, EET wishes to provide services designed to help you raise the quality of your environmental program. To achieve this we will establish a business plan to execute our strategy and position EET as the most effective customer-focused competitor in our industry and will place a priority on the flawless execution of that strategy in the marketplace.

EET can offer our customers one-call service for all your recycling needs. Our team of professionals are fully insured and trained to provide you with a completely documented solution for all environmental problems.

In the current era of concern for protection of the environment, as well as increased regulation and sophistication in waste material, Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. remains dedicated to its policy of providing efficient, economical and environmentally correct solutions to the management of your company’s hazardous and non-hazardous waste.

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Our Story:

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Incorporated started in 1985 as an environmental consulting company and in 1990, became established as a company that specialized in PCB waste removal. As the sophistication of waste increased so did the needs of the industrial client. EET provides the customer with a high quality of service, in a timely manner, observing safety and environmental regulations. Simply: provide a service the customer has confidence in at a fair price and success is possible. We have had the opportunity to grow in the past few years chiefly due to this philosophy. As important as good business ethics are, it would be of no use if it were not implemented by environmentally caring, competent personnel.

Our future is bright in an industry expected to rapidly expand over the next decade and we will be looking for our fair share of that growth. Eastern’s approach is to provide a professional service with exemplary work that is on time and cost effective in the waste management field.