Eastern Environmental Technologies will help you lighten the burden of PCB BALLAST RECYCLING

Does your fluorescent light ballast contain PCB's?

Before EPA banned the manufacture of PCB's in 1978, PCBs were used in the manufacturing of fluorescent light ballasts. The use of PCB's in ballasts manufactured prior to 1978 was not regulated by the EPA. All light ballasts manufactured since 1978 which do not contain PCBs should be marked by the manufacturer with the statement "No PCB's". For those manufactured prior to that time , or for those ballasts which contain no statement regarding PCB content, you should assume that they do contain PCB's. If the ballast does contain PCBs, it is located inside the small capacitor. There would be approximately 1 to 101/2 ounces of PCB fluid in the capacitor itself. If the ballast fails, the capacitor may break open, allowing the PCB oil to drip out of the fixture. The capacitor does not always leak when the ballast fails, but when it does happen, measures should be taken to limit or avoid personal exposure.

Why are PCBs harmful to our human health and the environment?

PCBs (polychlorinated biphenyls) belong to a broad family of organic chemicals known as chlorinated hydrocarbons. PCBs are produced by the combination of one or more chlorine atoms and biphenyl molecules. Virtually all PCBs in existence today have been synthetically manufactured.

PCBs range in consistency from heavy oily liquids to waxy solids. Prior to 1979 PCBs were widely used in electrical equipment such as transformers, capacitors, switches, and ballasts.

According to EPA, exposure to PCBs can cause chloracne (a painful disfiguring skin illness), nausea, dizziness, eye irritation and bronchitis. Ingestion of PCBs can cause liver damage and digestion problems.

Eastern Environmental Technologies is a ballast recycler and can provide any service to you and your customers related to the disposal of your PCB contaminated ballasts.

Eastern Environmental Technologies, Inc. will provide complete management and assist you with all activities associated with ongoing ballast removal and disposal activities.
Eastern Environmental Technologies will provide personalized door to door pick-up at any designated facility.
Eastern Environmental Technologies will provide disposal of all PCB waste associated with the ballasts removed from these facilities.
Eastern Environmental Technologies will assume all responsibilities and liabilities related to providing this ballast disposal service.
Eastern Environmental Technologies will comply with all state and federal regulations.
Eastern Environmental Technologies ballast services and transactions shall be conducted within existing TSCA, EPA, DOT, DEP, and ICC mandates.
Eastern Environmental Technologies will pick-up the drums of ballasts, recycle the metals and arrange for the proper delivery to an approved PCB Incinerator.

All Recycling Procedures Are Environmentally Sound!

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